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Jan 17, 2022

What does it take to be considered "rich" in 50 various cities around the U.S. Does it vary by city? Which city is the most expensive? What does it take to be rich in your city? For that matter, what is the definition of "rich?.

Jan 3, 2022

How did you do achieving your goals last year? Perhaps you need to supercharge them! Dave talks about how goals should rise out of your tombstone statement, how to effectively set these goals, and then how to supercharge them so you really get it done!

Dec 21, 2021

Dave and the guys first discover what Nic and Kim Kardashian have in common. No, it is not some hot new fashion or hosting SNL. But you may be surprised to hear what they do have in common. Then Dave discusses what budgets and diet soda have in common and why we might want to avoid BOTH!

Dec 7, 2021

Dave revisits holiday spending and an episode from two years ago. How do you spend your money during the holiday season? Listen in to hear some stats, facts, and tips and tricks to save your personal finances this holiday season.

Nov 30, 2021

Dave and Nic talk about why we all tend to the same old thing every year, how to stop doing it, and make plans for a great new year.