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Apr 26, 2021

As we have multiple vaccines and it looks like we are getting back to "normal", this will be the final coronavirus episode. Listen in as we discuss what has happened since the coronavirus created a hindrance in our lives and even some opportunities for some people. 

Apr 19, 2021

Hey to all you listeners! As you may know, we at TFWP are HUGE proponents for having an emergency fund, especially with what has happened with COVID from 2020-2021. What's an emergency fund, you ask? It's a money reserve - typically up to 6 months - that you have in case of an emergency (i.e., you're laid off or...

Apr 12, 2021

Brian Reed is back from vacation and now Nick is on vacation! What's going on?! Anyway, in this episode, Brian and Dave discuss a recent survey on student loans. The survey explains how the Millenials are the "Student Loan Generation," and how the respondents are in loans for over $20,000, and 32% of those who have...