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Mar 29, 2021

18 months ago, we discussed who were the richest people in America. Now, we take a 2020 poll of the richest people in America - adjusted for inflation - who have EVER lived. Let's see how many people you can name!

Mar 22, 2021

How do you view the world. Perhaps it's different than two of the smartest people that have walked this earth, Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos. Listen in to Dave and Nick discuss how intelligence is gained by these very, very successful people. After, Dave takes an email.

Mar 8, 2021

As you may know, Dave is not a fan of credit repair. He thinks they are just a tool that tricks you! Plus, if you're following the TFWP podcast, you won't need credit repair. Listen in as The Roundtable discusses this interesting topic!

Mar 1, 2021

Are you in student debt? Do you know how many people are in student debt in the United States; what about people who have greater than $1,000,000 in student loans? Way too much! Listen in to this episode to become more knowledgeable about the student debt in the United States!