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Jan 25, 2021

Have you leased something? Have you financed something? Do you know how joyous you were after you finally made all the payments (maybe YEARS of payments), and no longer have to make payments on that item? In this episode, we talk about the joyous nature of owning a quality product outright!
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Jan 18, 2021

Dave hates new year's resolutions. Know why? Three reasons: First, they're not usually made with a lot of advance notice. Second, they're usually not integrated into your overall life plan. Third, so many times, they seem trite. Listen to this episode to see how Dave approaches "goal setting" instead of resolutions.

Jan 11, 2021

Hey Everybody! Welcome to the FOURTH SEASON of TFWP. 2020 was a crazy year, we can all admit, but how are you planning for 2021? Have you even thought about it? Dave quotes his good friend Mark Given about some tips and tricks to thrive in 2021. This is a must-listen episode! After, Dave answers a listener's...